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IMS Telephone On-Hold Player 4.22

This tool mixes and plays music and messages to your callers
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IMS Telephone On-Hold Player is a handy tool for those who use PC-based telephony. This powerful application allows its users to set and play music and voice messages to the callers who are put on-hold or being transferred. Its most remarkable advantages are the fact that it offers a really easy and convenient manner of doing the aforementioned automation job and the fact that it allows thorough customization possibilities including flexible scheduling.

IMS Telephone On-Hold Player allows storing over 5 hours of high quality audio data, therefore it enables you to set up different voice messages and music for every time of the day or for every different situation that may occur.

I also like the fact that it allows mixing the on hold messages and the music in real-time, being capable of generating a truly unique signature track for the on-hold duration. Furthermore, you can use the high-quality professional studio recorded messages provided by this tool or record your own messages directly on your computer with a microphone. There's even a voice synthesizer function that will help you if you intend on using text to speech generation. Last but not least, IMS Telephone On-Hold Player is also simple-to-use and intuitive.

To sum it all up, if you need a simple and reliable on hold player, IMS Telephone On-Hold Player will surely please you.

Margie Smeer
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  • Flexible scheduling
  • Easy-to-use
  • Works with most PBX systems with a music on-hold feature


  • Pricey
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